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About the Fifth Region Basketball Officials Association


The Fifth Region Basketball Officials Association is dedicated to providing the best possible officiating for high school basketball in Central Kentucky. We have established this website in order to improve the communication with our members, recieve feedback and to enhance the value of our organization. 

All our officials are registered with the Kentucky High School Athletic Association (KHSAA), the governing body for high school athletics in the state of Kentucky.

We welcome new members and transferring officials from other areas that want to work high school basketball games in the Fifth Region. We offer training sessions for new officials. Annuaklly, we take a test given by the KHSAA.

During the season, we hold eight meetings. See the meetings page for dates and times.

Join our team and learn high school basketball rules, officiating mechanics, and game management. Become part of our tradition and enjoy the excitement of competitive high school basketball  Please contact us for more information.


Mission Statement


The Fifth Region Basketball Officials Association is an organization comprised of men and women, dedicated to promoting the welfare of the game, its players, officials, and maintaining the highest standard of basketball officiating possible. The purpose of our organization is as follows:

1.       To establish and maintain an organization dedicated to providing competent contest officials that will assist in the educational and athletic development of young student athletes.

2.       Provide competent, well trained and unbiased contest officials for athletes participating in high school athletic contests.

3.       Promote through the actions, attitude and leadership of its members the ideals of good sportsmanship and respect for players, coaches, spectators, students, administrative personnel and contest officials.

4.       Sponsor, coordinate and promote programs that will provide training and continuing education to officials in order to improve their judgment, game management, knowledge of the rules, conditioning, and opportunities for advancement.

5.       Encourage and provide an equal opportunity for all its members with respect to contest assignments, advancement, and ratings regardless of sex, national origin, race, age, disability, or religion.

6.       Provide communication through the Board of Directors or their representatives with the schools and public relative to game management, assignment, and control as it applies to officials.




It is our goal to promote officiating, recruit new members interested in officiating, educate these officials, and train them to officiate at the highest possible level.

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